Reputation Management

The definition of a brand is the difference between a product's (or service's) intrinsic value and the perceived value to a consumer. As such, a brand's reputation is one of the critical components defining a brand's success or failure in the market.

Reputation management has become an increasingly important component of Kaustav's work as more and more of his high-profile clients are establishing sophisticated, effective internet presences (frequently with his help!). A large percentage of corporate clients list reputation management as one of their primary reasons for engaging with social media and the internet in general, usually second only to increasing market reach. The internet has allowed an unprecedented level of powerful public conversation about everything…including products and services that they love, or hate. While there are risks to this much power in a consumer's voice, there are also immense opportunities in these emerging market conversations.

Kaustav's unique approach to reputation management involves a thorough analysis of the challenges and threats a corporate or personal brand is facing, combined with ongoing social and internet listening campaigns, social media policies for handling identified threats and mitigating risks, and a unified messaging strategy for carefully developing a brand's reputation within the context of overall business goals.

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