Kaustav in Career Counselling

Video jockey, DJ, Software UI Tester, Visualizer, Technical Content Writer, Music Producer… the world is changing and so is business… different types of opportunities are increasing everyday and many age old career options are becoming extinct. A Chartered Accountant does things today, which were incomprehensible only a few years back. Lawyers do not necessarily need to attend courts to use their legal knowledge and doctors do not necessarily need to see patients to make a living. Options, options and some more options… how does one choose? Every person has his or her own unique, strengths, abilities, interests, aspirations and weaknesses.

Career counselling focuses on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development, and other career related issues.

Professional career guidance using counselling, skills testing and psychometric abilities testing have helped thousands in the past.

You can contact me for a detailed discussion on all career related matters. You can also book yourself to avail state of the art testing services that can help you enormously in taking the right strides in your professional pursuits.

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