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ils network was formed as Integrated Learning Services in 2005. A modest and humble beginning and strangely not much has changed over the years. We were struggling then, we are struggling now. Someone close to me who is a well wisher and a client told me that till we get a better CEO than me, nothing much will change as well! So the search is on.

ils network became ils network only in 2011. ils network UK was established in 2010. Operations increased to other parts of India in 2008/09 but in true sense – new dugouts were established as late as 2011.

Today ils network is an ecosystem of like minded folks – who are good at what they do, are hungry to grow and are keen on collaborating. We are all of the firm belief that the world order has changed quite dramatically with new age companies like DropBox and 37 Signals. Large monolithic companies are passé. New age, new ethos and new ways of life demand agility, speed of operations, transparency and capability to adapt. While we were growing over the years – we found that increasingly we were losing all of these capabilities. We grew financially and we struggled emotionally.

ils network in 2011 went through tumultuous times – trying to rediscover itself and establish itself to ourselves… this fabulous period helped us rechristen, revamp and re-launch.

While the ecosystem is clearer, the fabric has become stronger – the fabric on which all my colleagues, partners, associates and friends have gathered and we have set out to do things our way, have fun, and serve our clients – the confusion and the struggle continues. The struggle since most businesses around us operate differently. The confusion is due to the honest fact that we have now realized that no one can predict the future but we are striving to set it as per our terms!

Been fun so far…

Stuff that I do at ils are:

  • Make sure that the ecosystem is happy, energized, engaged and mutually beneficial
  • Increase the surface area of the fabric of the ecosystems – keep sourcing new partners and associates
  • Strategize and Plan and Scheme new things, new ways, new thoughts, new concepts
  • Fight & resist my colleagues continuous efforts to keep me chained


While our company does a host of things and perhaps will do even more, I engage in:

  • Specialized Recruitment   
  • Psychological and Behavioural Assessments      
  • Corporate Training         
  • Adventure Sports & Experiential Learning
  •  IT Security Consultancy   
  • Organize, Plan, Execute Conferences and Knowledge Workshops
  • Visualization & Creatives  
  • Digital Branding and Online Reputation Management

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