Adventure Sports & Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning fascinates me. Professionals or regular students – both usually learn better if they can enjoy what they are learning – both learn much better if there is any way the learning can be personalized, can share and feel the experience. That is perhaps the reason why early learning remains with us despite all odds, that may explain why certain experiences have left indelible marks in our mind and has influences on our decisions.

ils network is continuously investing in experiential learning and I am personally very keen to learn more in this, explore more partnering and learning opportunities…

I am essentially an outdoor person and I love nature, wilderness and adventure. We have strived hard over the last few years and have recently started our own breed of adventure sports with learning. We use role-play, dramatics and story telling as our means of delivery.

We have a group of specialists who work in this. I run away from my usual concrete madness every time I get an opportunity.

There is a lot of learning and there is a whole lot more fun and adventure. Join me…

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