Corporate Training

I have been a corporate trainer for a while now. When I started out as a trainer in early 2000s, I realized that there is an amazing opportunity in the training industry. Everybody agreed that training is necessary but just about everybody would also tell you that most training is ineffective! How the hell do you decide who needs what kind of training and how do you measure whether the training imparted is useful or not? How do you know train a large number of people and have similar levels of delivery and proficiency when the trainers are different (perhaps are from different companies/backgrounds/experiences etc.)? How do you let go of your important staff for training when you are unable to maintain stringent delivery schedules and may lose clients?

Questions, questions…

Of course there are answers to all of the above. There are some fabulous trainers in the country and I can see over the years that India is fast catching up with specialists from abroad – in fact in certain areas – we possibly pip them. I am fortunate in this respect since I got to work with excellent trainers – both within and outside the country. Some of them work with us now. Some I still go for inspiration.


I like concentrating on Behavioural & Attitudinal Aspects. Areas where I train are more on: 

  • Effective Communications                        
  • Presentation Skills                            
  • Thinking – better
  • Team Dynamics                                          
  • Conflict Resolutions                          
  •  Customers from hell



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