Psychological and Behavioural Assessments

Assessments fascinate me. Every organization wishes for the ultimate superhuman ability – to understand their staff. Some succeed in parts while most don’t make any headway.

Someone wrote a fabulous concept in Midwest America in the 1960s, someone packaged it in downtown New York, someone imported that to regional HQ Singapore, someone coordinated with a smart alec in Mumbai, someone put up a team of smooth talking MBA suits and serious looking HR honchos – and wolla we have answers to all mysteries of the human mind across the nation.

India is beginning to see the merits and demerits of Assessments. There are a few very good folks who know their stuff and are a treat to work with – unfortunately a few of them are my competition! But quite a few of them are now a part of ils network.

We do not claim that we have complete understanding of how people think, whether they should be hired or not or what they will do tomorrow or how to keep them happy or who is not performing and should be fired!

However, we do definitely have a decent understanding of most of those things, we understand business – especially a few types of businesses and as the fabric of ils network grows, more will be added – we understand how to balance between subjectivity and objectivity in Assessments – we also are flexible yet firm with our models.

I have had the privilege to work with 10,000+ folks across the country and Assessments is something I understand and will continue to work in.

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