Visualization & Digital Branding

Visualization & Creatives… our brave new venture is headed by a dear friend and a co-worker at ils network.

We make films and videos for advertisements and promotions. Technically, I am the least qualified person in this team but I simply love the world of lights, camera and action. I get attracted to the technicalities and the battle to learn is on… Till such time I can make myself useful in this, I try and concentrate on things that come a little more easily to me: Scripting, Visualization and Creative Depiction – these are areas I understand and work in. This is one of our fastest growing segments and hopefully, we will soon have some stuff that will turn heads…

Our Visualization and Creative teams work hand in hand with our Digital Branding services, also launched in 2012. We're currently establishing, scaling, and managing a top 10 UK university's web presence in India, soon to expand into markets in Nepal and Bangladesh. Like many of our initiatives, I've tried to introduce a multidisciplinary perspective on our digital branding work, combining elements web design and development, social media listening, reputation monitoring and management, brand identity, and strong search engine optimization and social media campaigns. Initial results have been extremely promising, and several new projects are waiting in the wings. 

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